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Designer, Developer, Founder. I've been building things since 2008, some succeeded, many failed. Still working on new things.
Father of 3, CTO @ Risika. Love to discuss technology and scaling teams. Building ideas
Solopreneur on the Road to Freedom.Built 6 SaaS, sold 3 of them.https://shipped.club — Next.js Startup Kit https://www.solopreneurtofreedom.com — My newsletter
Currently Founder of Quuu & GrowthPanels & Walkable & Mentioned | 2x mini-exits since 2013 | Remote-working and self-employed entrepreneur since 2011!
I build things that I don't find on internet
Built and sold 4 SaaS products in public. Building the 5th, Cap.so, an open-source Loom alternative.
Designer & Developer. I make getslideframe.com, collected.li and temper.one. I design fonts at jonastype.com.

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