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Building a diverse portfolio of side-projects to reach $50k in annual profit and sharing everything I learn along the way.
Remote work activist, open source contributor, indie hacker.
Senior Product Designer | Consultant @grammarly | Plugin creator for Adobe CS/Figma uifaces.co, uicopy.io, designbuddy.net.
I'm a full-stack developer with 2 years of experience in React and Node projects (1 year at the last company).I also have experience in over 20 practical projects developed during the 9-month Bootcamp at Driven Education, complementing my professional journey.
I am Eric, a design engineer dedicated to crafting meaningful experiences. In the realm where technology and aesthetics converge, I wield code and design as my tools to breathe life into the intangible.
Flutter developer, building meows.app and aso.dev. I want to help each iOS developer get more users by aso.dev, we're(me and my wife) building best client for Connect API.
Awesome developer, designer, and perfectionist. Gamedev content creator.
Junior Software Engineer (not official but sounds cool)  17 y.o. German student having fun coding mostly in SwiftUI but other stuff aswell.  WWDC 2023 Winner @goalkit_app + @theduoapp Always happy about internship opportunities!

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