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Bootstrapped to 150 people - now building to help teams ❤️ mondays!
Freelancer/Admin + new Indiemaker. First Launch Real AI was aimed at german realtors. First Launch will aim at international nerds :)
Building until I make it • Current project: Podletter • Transform your inbox. Your Newsletters delivered as Podcasts
Full-time coding 🦄 Building RemixPost, a super easy tool for creating X posts. 
🍳Ex-French chef turn Marketer/Biz Strat + Soft dev ⌘Build @wearehyperactif • Aspiring Polymath
Product designer & Entrepreneur 
I am Danial, a developer & AI entusiast from 🇸🇪My latest project is Semicode: a FullStack + no-code + AI tool for developers that enables faster deployments of web apps.

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