Seems like templates for Figma Slides could be the next profitable niche for some time. Just giving you a hint what to do this weekend to bump up that passive income. 😉

Literally hours before the official start of the Figma‘s annual config2024 the Figarc plugin got approved and is live. Kudos to @Aleksandar Tasevski for helping with the dev stuff. 🙌

Good news! Actually, magnificent news! I was keeping this under the radar for a while, but Figarc received a designer grand from Figma, right before the annual Config2024 event!

That means, you now can download the Figarc library for free!

And while you think this can‘t get any better, I teamed up with the plugin wizard @Aleksandar Tasevski to make a Figarc plugin that will help you calculate areas while designing floor plans inside Figma—something that was not possible with the Figarc library.

But more on that later, when the plugin gets officially approved later this week.


Congrats Zlatko! Amazing work. 🙌

Super congratulations Zlatko! That's a stunning achievement!

No matter how much I try to use plugins and generators to create color schemes and figure out the imperfections of HEX, RGB, sRGB, CMYK, HSL, HSB, Display3, and the new OKLCH color algorithm, I always end up trusting my eye and doing color by color manually. 🫣

Am I the only one?

There is a huge update I did for the release of Figarc 1.5 today. Now the library has more sofas, more kitchen elements, more working desk configurations, and a lot more new categories such as Musical instruments, Games, and… the most favourite of all—Vehicles!

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