A design system for floor plans Now, you can apply your Figma superpowers to something you always wanted — designing homes and offices. Why wrestle learning Autocad or Archicad when you can play an architect in your favorite software? --- Drag-drop furniture pieces as Figma components You‘ll find them waiting for you in your Assets panel once you import the Figarc library. They are categorized per room type, so you can focus on designing one area at a time. --- Unlock hidden details with component overrides From simple furniture variants such as size, type, and orientation to complex and creative details such as food served on a dining table, lazy cats on a sofa, and much more. --- Pick your favorite theme via variable modes Equipped with three types of visual styles. From typical architectural whiteprint and blueprint sketches to a color-rich theme that feels like a Ghibli animation movie.--- Learn as you design All items are based on real-world proportions. So, rest assured, the sofa you‘ve dropped onto the canvas will match the sofa you plan to purchase. Explore the library →
Founded 2024
1,350 tiny and delicious icons designed in a glyph style at a ridiculously small icon canvas of 16x16 pixels. Squeezing out maximum creativity within the harsh boundaries of 256 pixels per icon.
Founded 2023
500 artisanal and expressive icons designed for businesses that crave unique brand iconography. The icons are neither line-based, nor favour the solid style, but are somewhat in between, with a slightly added 3D feel.
Founded 2022
Created as a team work with Alex, UI Copy is a Figma plugin that helps designers, developers and marketers alike quickly generate marketing copy for websites. The content repository is not AI-generated but written by intelligent humans.
Founded 2021
A diverse and vibrant community of people that connect online, and meet offline. Made for travellers, expats, digital nomads, flâneurs, adventurers, and curious people, who want to expand their global friendships as they saunter the earth.
Founded 2020
1,000 colorful line-based icons with open features that create a memorable character designed on a 64x64 pixels canvas. These are a colorful style variant of the original Line King icons.
Founded 2017
1,000 line-based icons with open features that create a memorable character designed for elegant and playful brands. The icons are designed on a 64x64 pixels canvas, making them a great addition as brand iconography.
Founded 2016
Time-slaying design resources without the “Oh, I forgot to cancel my subscription.”
Founded 2009

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