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Solopreneur on the Road to Freedom.Built 6 SaaS, sold 3 of them.https://blacktwist.app — Grow on Threadshttps://shipped.club — Next.js Startup Kit https://www.solopreneurtofreedom.com — My newsletter
💙 Software Engineer at @ClickIT_Tech✍️ Content creator🧑‍💻 Open-Source maintainer 🤪 Love to build crazy things 🚀 Currently building ExpenseTrackr, an application to manage and track your expenses and subscriptions.
Building uneed.best and polishot, and teaching development 🥐
Building @hoastapp, a new event management platform.
Software developer who build stuff - Currently working on https://lecturekit.io while working full-time
Indiebuilder just starting out with his journey!
Serial founder with 9x successful exits. Building buysellstartups.com and insanelycooltools.com

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