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Solopreneur on an island sharing lessons bootstrapping: > http://stomod.com - a Notion to SEO-optimized blogging platform> https://assistflare.com - a Notion to knowledge base/help center platform
Fractional CTO | Maker of goindex.me 
Software Developer and Content Creator
Data nerd by day, indie-hacker working on Finta by night
Founder of IndieMaker.space, building small SaaS products in public. Living in the UK.
Solopreneur on the Road to Freedom.Built 6 SaaS, sold 3 of them. https://blacktwist.app — Grow your audience on Threads https://shipped.club — Next.js Startup Kit https://www.solopreneurtofreedom.com — My newsletter
One indie maker more.  Building MrScraper in public, a visual and dead-simple web scraper.

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