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Stories is a closed social network, returning social media to what it was meant to be — a place for genuine connections. Stories revives the joy of a chronological feed with authentic stories from your inner circle, offering a haven for privacy, authenticity, and meaningful connections.
Founded 2024
Find out how pretty you are with Glowup AI. Our tool serves as your personalized AI beauty guide. You’ll be able to discover your beauty archetype and lean in to highlight your natural beauty. We’ll share personalized tips, with detailed advice to help give you the confidence, and self-esteem that you deserve! Here are some of the benefits that our users experience: - AI-Powered Insights: Access intelligent recommendations and insights generated by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, providing expert-level guidance tailored to your unique beauty and style preferences. - Confidence Boost: Improve appearance with skincare, makeup, and fashion tips, enhancing self-esteem and comfort. - Convenience: Access beauty and style tips anytime, anywhere, making self-improvement efforts more accessible and convenient.
Founded 2024
The best SaaS starters and SaaS boilerplates by framework, price, and more. Curated by hand daily.
Founded 2024
Looksmax AI analyzes your physical appearance, and shares AI-generated self-improvement tips that will help you boost your confidence and self-esteem. Users get personalized tips on improving their skincare, hairstyle, and much more! Here are some of the benefits that our users experience: - Boosted Confidence: Our users receive personalized tips and guidance on improving their physical appearance, users can enhance their confidence in how they look and feel about themselves. - Improved Self-Esteem: The tailored recommendations from Looksmax AI help users work on potential areas of improvement, and enhance their overall self-esteem by empowering them to make positive changes in their appearance. - Convenience and Accessibility: Users can access Looksmax AI's self-improvement tips anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for those seeking to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence. - Empowerment: Looksmax AI empowers users to take control of their self-improvement journey by providing actionable advice and resources to help them achieve their desired look and feel their best.
Founded 2023
Discover the compelling reasons to break free from pornography and how to achieve it. offers an extensive, free resource filled with expert insights, effective strategies, and supportive guidance to empower your journey towards a porn-free life.
Founded 2024
Live Your Ultimate IP Geolocation Solution Discover the power of, a cutting-edge API that unlocks precise geographical insights based on IP addresses. Whether you’re a developer, marketer, or business owner, this tool provides essential location data to enhance your applications and services. What Is At its core, is a robust geolocation service that reveals where an IP address physically resides. Dive into the details: - Accurate Details: Get real-time information on the country, city, state/province, and even latitude/longitude associated with an IP. - Time Zone Intelligence: Seamlessly synchronize time-related operations across different regions with precise time zone data. - Currency and Language Insights: Discover the local currency used and the predominant language spoken in a specific location. - ISP and Company Identification: Uncover the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and organizational details linked to an IP address. - Astronomy API: Beyond geolocation, explore the Astronomy API, which provides sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset timings based on IP or GPS coordinates. Why Choose - Precision: Trust in high accuracy for fraud detection, targeted marketing, and personalized content delivery. - Global Reach: With servers spanning the globe, ensures worldwide availability. - Lightning-Fast Response: Enjoy an average response time of less than 40 milliseconds. - Multilingual Support: caters to diverse users with responses in multiple languages. Practical Use Case: Imagine an e-commerce platform adjusting prices to the local currency, news websites tailoring articles to regional interests, or travel apps providing relevant information based on the user’s location. empowers you to make informed decisions and elevate user experiences. In summary, is your go-to solution for accurate geolocation data. Unlock its potential today!
Founded 2018