Looking for a co-founder 🤝

If you can bring a product to market and you'd like to pair with someone who'll look over the technical side, this is for you.

We'll grow cardapium.com together.

Comment if you're interested.

Recorded new demos for the homepage!


Another addition coming to linktopus.co soon with the new UX overhaul.

The hovered block now gets highlighted in the preview, making it easier to navigate the content!


Added 6 new social connections, including IndieMaker!

Demo: linktopus.co/marcelcruz


Oh, yes. I plan to include the IndieMaker logo too.

Love this Marcel, thanks for adding us!

Today I'm introducing animations on the user page of Linktopus. 😍

It's part of the Pro plan and there are 7 different animations to choose from.

Demo: linktopus.co/developer


This looks so good!

Glad you like it!!

We’re an invite only community of Indie Makers

This means you can only get access to IndieMaker if you’re invited to by another member.

You can try your luck and reach out to us via twitter, but please be warned we don’t typically send out invites this way. We want the community to grow organically with likeminded folks.

Reach out to us on twitter