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Senior product and digital designer. Founder @ | Co-founder @
Making Figarc – a floor plan designer for Figma.
Currently Founder of Quuu & GrowthPanels & Walkable & Mentioned | 2x mini-exits since 2013 | Remote-working and self-employed entrepreneur since 2011!
UXD & Frontend Engineer @uxavenue | JavaScript/ReactJS Pro | SaaS Startup @urducanvas | on Ai | Now Aiming to Help Businesses with Content Automation
😺  Punk ➡ Engineer ➡ Web Developer ➡ Freelance ➡ Wannabe Entrepreneur
I co-created one of the largest online CV apps, scaled it to 30M+ users, and got acquired in 2021. Jack of all trades, master of front-end and UX design. Open-source maintainer. My kink is writing plain-old CSS.

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