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Indie dev / hobbyist photographer
Developer on large scale web servers and applications and creator and developer on Hey.Café! Always ready to help any way that I can.
Full-time coding 🦄 Building RemixPost, a super easy tool for creating X posts. 
💙 Software Engineer at @ClickIT_Tech✍️ Content creator🧑‍💻 Open-Source maintainer 🤪 Love to build crazy things 🚀 Currently building ExpenseTrackr, an application to manage and track your expenses and subscriptions.
Full stack web developer with over a decade of freelance experience. Building in public
I make apps for businesses and creators. 10+ years in startups and big tech, now checking out the indie maker community. 
Health and fitness enthusiast. Working by day - hacking by night. Trying to make it with Indie Hacking and Freelancing.

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