Just release a side project of Betting Coach. One of the features is the Scout. It's like a stock screener but for betting and with actual suggestions. It screens games from over 30 leagues each day and odds from over 200 bookmakers. You have a built in scout but you can also create your own. You'll then be notified by mail and in your dashboard when it finds suggestions for you to analyze.

Launching today a landing page for the built in scout "The Betting Scout". It serves as a public track record. Gathering data since sep 1st, 2023 and combined with an imaginary bankroll for perspective. You can follow the total hit rate, hit rate per league, profit and the place bets each day. There's also a newsletter where you'll receive the bets the day before and general insights.

Missing two key features; browse previous bets and a change log over the scouting criteria.


While working on Betting Coach I'm extracting parts and in parallell building my own SaaS starting kit. I'm planning multiple projects this year so need a lightweight boilerplate, with the stack I'm most productive with.

Hajime is built on Laravel with my own design system. The frontend is plain html/css/js with zero dependencies. Features auth with 2fa, user management, queue monitor, dev insights/inspector, stripe integration, basic community features, AI blade components and more.


I need to something like this ASAP, I spend way to much time configuring the same things every time 😂

Haha exactly my thought. Even if it's mostly configuring and cherry picking stuff from your other projects, it's still time you could've spent building new stuff 😅 Then you want to launch fast, but you also don't want to end up with a lot of code debt. That's why I rolled my own kit, which I put a lot of thought into. Will of course release this when I'm done. Free, open source.

Wasn't feeling creative at all last night so just worked a little on multiple views, focusing on getting the data out there. This will be part of the dashboard, displaying your top 5 teams and leagues by hit rate. Also started with the team views. 

v1 of the league player stats are now ready. There's a lot of stuff I could put here, same with the general league and team stats, but I don't want to put too much time here for the first version.

Relevant stats will be highlighted on fixture views so you can get a quick overview of the opponents.

I have a pretty decent flow right now so hoping to finish the team and player views by the end of this week. Then a full week to focus on the most important part, the fixture view. It will feature pregame information, live reporting and stats, odds from over a 100 bookmakers and more. So much fun stuff ahead.

Have been busy with client work and family time. But this weekend I made some progress on Betting Coach. Just plotting out all the useful stats I have. One of the core features displayed here is the coach tips in each section. Every user gets their own personalized coach. Throughout the app, the coach leaves tips and information that are AI generated uniquely for the user based on a number of factors. Doing all of these quick n easy views first, those that are purely data views.

I've been using all of this for myself, in a simpler form, for the last 2 years. I'm improving my own betting results, and in turn, I'm improving the service with the learnings I make. Last season I made 8x profit and this season I'm currently at 12x. So I'm covering the cost to run this even if I end up being the only customer, which is nice.

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