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Yesterday I had a crazy idea.

I want to build 3 Micro SaaS products in 7 days using my boilerplate and stream everything on YouTube — in the perfect build in public spirit.

I involved the indie hacking community on X to collect some product ideas. If you have any, please let me know 😄

We won second place of the month on Uneed ⚡🥈

It was my first launch on a platform like this, and I'd like to share here what I did.

Unlike many who launched on PH, I had nothing planned. The truth was I didn't even know I was going to launch. Late at night, I saw a tweet from @Thomas Sanlis mentioning he was going to launch Uneed on Product Hunt, and I saw an opportunity to be on Uneed on the same day.

From that moment, I organized myself in the following way:

1. Optimize my Landing Page

Podletter turns newsletters into podcasts, but there wasn't a demo on the homepage. It's still not in its best form, but it was there and done in a few minutes.

We put a banner at the top of the page announcing we were launching on Uneed and that we were offering a 30% discount that day.

In addition to putting in the CTA that it was free to test.

With this, I hoped that the conversion would be as high as possible for that moment.

2. Scheduled Posts

It's not easy to do a launch and take care of Twitter when you have a day job.

That same night, I made several videos and posts that were scheduled to be posted throughout the day. In total, there were 6 posts + reposts.

3. Community Help

The coolest part was having the support of "real-life" friends and friendships that were created right here on Twitter.

Many helped me, and I can't wait to do the same for them and others. Community is about that.

In total, these actions led me to get 66 upvotes and take second place in February.

Let's gooo 💚

Another UX improvement landing in snappify soonish: a command menu 🤩

With all of your favorite commands only a keystroke away 😄


A keystroke to rule them all 😄

Publish article:

How to animate objects with Tailwind CSS and Alpinejs intersection observer
Read the article, see it live and get the code.


Super cool Michael 🤩

- Color/Palettes went live, including a little Palette generator.
- First competition now live and reverted the single layer page to include a sidebar to encourage feedback (and include layer replies)
- We won Product of the Day on ProductHunt 🥳
- Started a podcast called Overlay!

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That‘s plenty of updates for such a short time! I wonder when do you sleep? Or do you have a team doing all of this? 😁

Heh this has occurred over a few weeks. Just me 😅 
Podcast is here:

Such useful site! Loving the fact you added palettes Liam

Where can I find the podcast?