Our brand guidelines and assets

Thanks for your interest in using the IndieMaker logo and related assets. These guidelines will help you use our identity. We ask you to respect our branding guidelines and not alter the logo in any way. Please keep the size and position relationship between the symbol and logotype intact at all times.

You should:

  • Use the IndieMaker logo in a blog post or news article about IndieMaker.

  • Use the IndieMaker logo to promote your profile or post on IndieMaker.
 Make sure no text or other elements encroach on the logo.

You should not:

  • Manipulate the logo's color.

  • Use the IndieMaker logo for your application’s icon or create a modified version of it.

  • Use the IndieMaker logo integrated into your identity, brand or logo.

IndieMaker brand logos
Download Logos

We provide our logo in PNG, JPG and SVG formats.

If you want to feature IndieMaker on your website or publication, we have created some screens for you to use.

IndieMaker browser windows
Download Screens

We provide our screens in PNG format.