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Solopreneur on an island sharing lessons bootstrapping: > http://stomod.com - a Notion to SEO-optimized blogging platform> https://assistflare.com - a Notion to knowledge base/help center platform
Building cool products for people while drinking coffe ☕️
I am Danial, a developer & AI entusiast from 🇸🇪My latest project is Semicode: a FullStack + no-code + AI tool for developers that enables faster deployments of web apps.
Senior Product Designer | Consultant @grammarly | Plugin creator for Adobe CS/Figma uifaces.co, uicopy.io, designbuddy.net.
15+ years in tech. Building a components and SaaS building blocks library called Grayscal.es
Father of 3, CTO @ Risika. Love to discuss technology and scaling teams. Building ideas
Designer, Developer, Founder. I've been building things since 2008, some succeeded, many failed. Still working on new things.

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