About us

A little info about us and our goals

Welcome to IndieMaker – a Creative Hub for Indie Makers!

Are you an Indie Maker with a passion for creating? At IndieMaker, we've built a welcoming community where indie creators like you can come together, share experiences, and find inspiration. Life can be busy, and we're here to support you with gentle daily reminders to stay connected to your creative journey. Share your progress, celebrate your achievements, and even discuss the challenges – because every step of the indie maker process is worth acknowledging.

Connect with fellow indie makers who share your passion and understand the ups and downs of the creative path. Whether you're seeking advice, exploring collaboration opportunities, or simply looking to connect with a like-minded community, you'll find a supportive network here. We invite you to explore and be part of our community. Your creative journey is unique, and we're here to provide a warm and welcoming space for you to express yourself and find inspiration.

If you like the emoji avatars we use in various places on IndieMaker, we give a big shout out and full credit to Max Steitle who created them, do give him a follow.

About IndieMaker

We are committed to improving IndieMaker based on our users feedback. We have some exciting plans for the future.

If you have any ideas, feedback or would just like to say hello, we would love to hear from you! Please complete this form.

IndieMaker was created by Jamie Peak, a designer and developer from the UK. Feel free to reach out to him via @twitter.